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By Ayoub Battoÿ, Dec.22, 2017 When will the massacre stop ? Indeed, since August 2017 the Rohingya population, the Muslim minority in Burma is being killed, raped, deportated. This is what they are actually enduring. 660 000 Rohingyas escaped in Bangladesh and today only 300 000 remain in Burma . Last week in Inn Din , a village […]

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By Romane Averty Latouche, Dec. 22, 2017 Last Thursday i was walking in the streets for hours, searching as always for last minute gifts. I was frozen, exhausted and I was just thinking that my stomach will probably loose its intergity if i did not quickly fill it. At that point I wasn’t expecting for […]

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By Alix Saint-Gilles, Dec. 22, 2017 2017 soon comes to an end, and thus we have to remind ourselves that this year was not only a pile of sad events which could announce an even darker year without our icons who did recently leave, such as Simone Veil, Chuck Berry either John Hurt. 2017 can […]

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