By Emma Cassilde, Dec.22, 2017


It’s done ! The sequel of the first Xenoblade was finally released and we are not dissatisfied. Indeed, our professional gamers have tested it and we can swear that this isn’t gibberish.

Since 2010, we were waiting for the next part and we finally have it. In addition, since the beginning of the year, Nintendo did not stop talking about it.

On twitter, the developer gives us a lot of spoilers about the characters and the gameplay such as the improvement of the graphic design.

The game is better than expected : the universe of the game is very dense and we can admire a huge and unique world. We rediscover the fantastic and epic atmosphere and we still enjoy it.

In the game, we can follow the trek of Rex, with her new friend, Pyra a new character, with her mysterious Lame who gives her a incredible power.
We also have a lot of new attractive and endearing characters that you will, for sure, love.

To convince you, we can tell yourself that the original soundtrack better known as OST, is probably the best since a few years. More than 120 musics were especially composed just for the games and they are wonderful.

Unfortunatly, it is only for Nintendo Switch. However, if you want to do a very good gift for Christmas, well you have got the solution.

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