By Foulongani Zéia and Emma Bazile

This year has deprived us from the best human elements of our socity ; we will pay a tribute to them through this article.

Jane Himmlegton, a brilliant physistic engineer just passed away of an accident, she left us the 3rd of December : she stole a padded carpet to slide on the snow, unfortunately she smashed in a pylon, which, strangely, hadn’t any protection…
Jane Himmlegton was born the 8th of July of 1976 in Texas, she was living with her grand father. She was fond of hunting and throwing toilet paper in her neighbor’s gardens especially during Christmas time.

Joe Moe left us the 20th December, after peeing from a pylon on an electric lines of 115000 Volts. There is no need to precise that liquid do not get on well with power supply.
Joe was born the 19th of January of 1982 in Iowa from caesarean. He was a study little boy and had no friends except his domestic mole that he profundly loved. They’ll be buried together.

The gifted hunter, Miguel Sanchez de la Pampa, passed away last Sunday, after shooting a deer, he has been hitted by the body of the beast and drop down dead. He was born the 4th of August of 1969 in Mexico. He used to cook bujitos like no one ever did. He had the largest animals skulls collection of all Nevada.

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