By Romane Averty Latouche, Dec. 22, 2017


Last Thursday i was walking in the streets for hours, searching as always for last minute gifts. I was frozen, exhausted and I was just thinking that my stomach will probably loose its intergity if i did not quickly fill it. At that point I wasn’t expecting for more than a common fast food with a steak as thick as a paper sheet, some delicious too soft french fries and an friendly oily atmosphere. In fact, i was expecting for a MacDo. I was about to enter the shrine of junk food when I saw the ROADSIDE brand. I hesitated for a moment and I finally promoted the novelty to the usual. Although the circumstances had certainly participated to my verdict, I must say that i’ve been very pleasently surprised.

The ROADSIDE was founded by Luc LAURENT, it is a concept which proposed a craft american cooking at fast food’s prices.


Here is in my opinon the five good reason to go to ROADSIDE
First of all, it’s the prices are pretty affordables : between 6
and 10 euros.

Plus, they serve quality products so they have a good quality price ratio.

Third, the « crazy fries » are so incredibly tasty. No comparison.

Four, the atmosphere is really comfy and they do play excellent music. (I’m taking advantages of this point to share a song that I discover there : You are the best thing of Ray LaMontage)

Finally, they’re committed in the environmental protection which I believe is quite rare for a fast food.

There’s something to suits all tastes : carnivore, vegetarians and snacks lovers.
Here is example of what you can find there :
The Bacon Cheeseburger or The Boston Bacon Hot dog
1 Bacon Cheeseburger 1 Boston Bacon Hot dog
+ +
1 portion of crazy fries Coleslaw
(sauce melted cheddar and caramelised onion)
+ +
1 drink to the choice 1 drink to the choice

When I discovered the ROADSIDE I was in Nantes but they’re also located in Rennes, Brest and Lorient.

1 Allée Flesselles
44000 NANTES

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