By Alix Saint-Gilles, Dec. 22, 2017

2017 soon comes to an end, and thus we have to remind ourselves that this year was not only a pile of sad events which could announce an even darker year without our icons who did recently leave, such as Simone Veil, Chuck Berry either John Hurt.

2017 can be considered as a bad year but it’s only up to you to recall the happiest moments so that 2018 should be better!
Here are then some advice to help you at best:

- Stop smoking
- Look slimmer lose several kilos ( if you feel like it)
- Do not nibble between the meals- Go in for sport-
- More not make angry me for a trinket- More do not postpone until tomorrow what can be done today
- Call your parents, relativesat least once a week
- Call our parents-in-law from time to time, but not too often …
- Read at least a book a month
- Do not watch stupid reality shows on TV
- Play less video games
- Do not use your computer on Sundays
- Spend less in clothes and in shoes
- Save up for the holidays
- Drink a little less
- Stop making puns on words which only make me laugh
- Remember celebrating anniversaries
- Send greeting cards for New year
- Ask for an increase to my CEO
- Redo my CV and look for a better job
- Don’t be too hard on yourself
- Go to bed early, get up early
- Give some money to charities
- Take my driving test
- Tidy up the garage and do some work around the house and in the garden
-Wash your teeth twice a day and go to the dentist at least once a year
- Stop making resolutions at the beginning of the year that you could not hold.

If you had the strength of reading the list completely it is because you are much more motivated than of what you think! Let’s go!

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