By Ayoub Battoÿ, Dec.22, 2017


When will the massacre stop ?

Indeed, since August 2017 the Rohingya population, the Muslim minority in Burma is being killed, raped, deportated. This is what they are actually enduring. 660 000 Rohingyas escaped in Bangladesh and today only 300 000 remain in Burma .

Last week in Inn Din , a village on the north of the state of Arakan (west of Burma) Buddists ans Muslims were living in peace until Friday. Indeed, fifty houses were destroyed by a fire, only Rohingya’s houses were burnt.

This genocide has begun because of the Buddist extremism which has become very important in Burma this past months. To them the Muslim minority is a threat . Very violent murders were commited by the Buddist population against wives and children for example in Inn Din, besides many children were also bathed by the army.

Moreover, Rohingyas are deported and face a progressive but intense disparition in the Birman territory.

Nevertheless, we can ask ourselves if the Nobel price for peace Aung San Suu Kyi received is justified. What did she do, and what will she do to protect this population ? Did she really deserve to receive this price because she did not condemned this massacre yet and she is not doing anything.

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